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Tips for new players

2019-01-09 17:00:59

Hi everyone, thanks for joining fantasy-sim. As I figured out it was not entirely clear what the purpose of this game is I wrote down some starting tips below:

- Daily training and spreading of religion (so join a religion) in regions earns you gold
- You start with 15 gold so you can start your own company
- You can hire yourself in your company by setting a low salary: for example 0.01. And the go to the jobmarket
- Set your house in your starting region as you will lose 50 energy (when your health gets below 0 you die) when you don't sleep in your house or in a tavern
- Every player starts with one house which will not be destroyed when you die, however you can only built a house once in your life
- When you die you only lose strength, this is to prevent older players from becoming too strong
- You can only travel one region a day so watch out for your energy bar
- The country president can asign ministers which can declare war to other countries and manage inflation
- The first country president will have a lot of power since the congress is not yet in place (so hurry up and register as candidate for country president elections)
- it is possible to earn money with political parties by getting party members elected and military units by letting members fight in subsidized wars

I hope that everything is more clear now,
have a nice day all

2019-01-13 21:22:43

I stumbled randomly on this game and uhm, seems like there no life here?

2019-01-14 01:37:44

Confecta wrote:

I stumbled randomly on this game and uhm, seems like there no life here?

Unfortunaltely not yet, although at the moment about 1 person per day create an account so currently i'm trying to increase the marketing and hopefully the userbase will grow. May I ask you how you found the website?

2019-04-08 21:55:14

Perhaps make the UI look more attractive and coherent. It looks like the site is broken and honestly, I got burnt out in the first two minutes looking at the Home page.

2019-05-22 23:27:49

this is just disgusting 

is anyone there?