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Feudalism update 2

2020-02-04 17:14:21

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Resistance wars have changed. Now you need to have a claim to start a resistance war. Claims can be aquired in different ways: as a king you get a claim on a region when you conquer it. This claim will let you retract the title from its current owner. This player will however gain a resistanceclaim on this region when this action is performed. Another claim that can be claimed is the religion claim. This claim can be bought from your religion and costs the religeous tax. Religions will have to start a crusade for religion claims to be available. To press a resisatance claim it is necessary to be in or own a military unit that has set up camp in the region of the claim. Your currently owned claims can be found on the account next to the owned titles and is marked by an (*). There has also been a change in ageing which will make the chance to die slightly lower.