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Climate and weather update

2019-10-15 12:41:35

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Climates and weather have been added to the game.  As of now seven climates occur: "dessert", "tropical", "savanna", "mediterranean", "sea", "temperate" and "mountain". Climates have effect on precipitation and temperature which are dependent on the time of the year. Currently one year has the duration of one month with the beginning of the month during winter. For example see the temperature formula for the mountain climate: temp=-0.13*(day**2)+4*day-20.  The amount of precipitation is dependent on the climate and can change throughout the year. For example the chance of precipitation in the jungle is year round 80% while the chance of precipitation in the savanna depends on the seasons.


Farmers now have to choose which crop they will grow. There are six crops available that each have optimal conditions to grow in. The crops are divided in three temperature needs: low, medium and high; and two precipitation needs: low and high. Both factors influence the production of raw food. The following formulas are used for production:


High temp: production=-0.0889*(currtemp**2)+5.333*currtemp+40


Medium temp: production=-0.4*(currtemp**2)+12*currtemp+30


Low: temp: production=-0.05*(currtemp**2)+120


High precipitation loving crops will produce ten bonus production in wet circumstances and will lose ten production in dry circumstances and vice versa for low precipitation loving crops. It should be noted though that production cannot go below 80%.


It is now possible to edit descriptions on the story page. If you do so the edit will be sent for review and after acceptance they will be published.