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religion changes

2019-07-07 01:27:50

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Hello everyone,

There have been some changes to religions to make the nomination of new leaders more interesting:


- Religeous orders have been added

  - They can be secret or normal. Secret will not be showed in the list of religeous orders.

  - The owner of a religeous order can promote members which will cost 5 gold. Currently there are three ranks: novice, priest         and high priest. 

  - If you are a member of a religeous order it is now possible to remove faith of a religion from a region. This can be done once a     day. The different ranks determine the amount of faith that is removed: novice (0), priest (2) and high priest (4).

  - Removing faith from a region will count towards the bonus gold that is awarded for spreading faith. Due to this the number of times you have to spread/remove religion to get the bonus is increased to 30.

  - If players are part of a religeous order the tax that they pay over their bonus will go to the order instead of the religion.


- Religeous leaders are not chosen democratically anymore. Now orders can propose the next leader. This user has to be part of the same religion as the order belongs to. When the religeous leader dies the votes of the ten orders that donated the most in the term of the previous leader. So if a order donated 10 percent of the total amount of gold that was donated the nominee of this order will get 10 percent of the votes. In this way it is possible to work together with different orders to choose a new leader.